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Artwork and Nature Journaling

Hand Drawings

Western Larch Field Notes

Observations and journaling on the Western Larch (Larix occidentalis) from the Swan Valley in northwestern Montana.


Wildlife and Forestry Research Symposium Logo

Preliminary conceptual logo sketch for a joint research conference between the Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium and the Research Advances in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Ecology. Confluence was the theme of the conference.


Watershed Features Diagram

Diagram illustrating the functions and interactions of watershed features within a reach of river. 

Locomotion Patterns of Crocodiles Traveling in Water

Published figure in: Mustoe, G. E. (2019). Lower Eocene footprints from northwest Washington, USA. Part 1: Reptile tracks. Geosciences, 9(7), 321.

Jessie Thoreson sketch pair.jpg

Sword Fern Field Notes

Observations and journaling on the Sword Fern (Polystichum munitum) from the Chuckanut Mountains in northwestern Washington.


Wildflower Field Notes

Drawings of a Yellow Avalanche Lily (Erythronium grandiflorum), a Subalpine Lupine (Lupinus arcticus), Pink Mountain Heather (Phyllodoce empetriformis) and a Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria biflora) from the North Cascades in Washington.

Copy of Copy of IMG_2423_edited_edited.jpg
Copy of Copy of IMG_2423_edited_edited.jpg
Copy of Copy of IMG_2423_edited_edited.jpg

Digital Drawings

Black Oak (Xánthiip, Quercus kelloggii) System of Ecocultural Stewardship

Diagram of elements and interactions within the system of black oak stewardship by the Karuk Tribe in Northwestern California. Diagram based on qualitative semi-structured interviews conducted with Karuk cultural practitioners in 2022 and 2023. Published in MS thesis: Thoreson, J. (2023). Karuk Stewardship of Xánthiip (black oak, Quercus kelloggii) in the Western Klamath Mountains: Development of an Ecocultural Monitoring Protocol.


Oregon State University Student Association for Fire Ecology Logo

Logo made for the SAFE (student association for fire ecology) club at Oregon State University, affectionately called the "pyromaniacs."

The logo includes a statement demonstrating the importance and inevitability of fire: "The post-fire environment is the pre-fire environment is the post-fire environment..."

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