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January 12th // 7:00pm PST
All donations from the show will go to Creative Justice, a King County-based organization providing art education to youth in the criminal justice system. 
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Live Stream
February // Kenyon Hall 
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Jessie Thoreson and the Crown Fire is an upbeat, 4-piece, folk-rock group based in Seattle, WA. We play venues and festivals all along the Washington coast. For booking, see contact information below.



How I Happened Upon a Song

I was hiking in the mountains with a group of good friends. A contemplative lull had fallen upon the group and the conversation had petered out. After a couple minutes of walking silently, I realized that two lyrical sentences were running through my head over and over again. Before I knew it, whole paragraphs were streaming out of my brain into a song. It felt like I had accidentally happened upon a gust of inspiration that was threatening to move along if I did not hold on to it. I dropped my pack and frantically tried to capture the words in pen. In a matter of minutes the song was complete. I have not touched or edited those words since this moment of inspiration. Yet it was not until many times playing it upon returning to civilization that I realized the depth of what that song represented to me.


This is why I write music. It lets my life have a dimension of chaos that is beyond my comprehension. It lets me access a side of my subconscious that, through diligence and creative effort, I can release into the world as music.


I write music because I am captivated by the process of inspiration.

I perform music because I love watching people feel my words in their heart.




Want to learn more about Jessie Thoreson or inquire about booking? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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